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BioHorizons Implant Systems Inc, a worldwide innovative dental device company, features oral reconstructive products on two main platforms: Dental Implants and Tissue Regeneration. BioHorizons is dedicated to developing evidence-based and scientifically proven products. From the launch of the External implant system (Maestro) in 1997, to the Tapered Internal Plus implant in 2012, dental professionals as well as patients have confidence in our comprehensive portfolio of dental implants and biologics products.
The latest example of this tradition is the introduction of Laser-Lok microchannels onto our implants. Laser-Lok microchannels is a proprietary dental implant surface treatment developed from over 20 years of research initiated to create the optimal implant surface. Through this research, the unique Laser-Lok surface has been shown to elicit a biologic response that includes the inhibition of epithelial downgrowth and the attachment of connective tissue (unlike Sharpey fibers). Laser-Lok microchannels is now offered on Tapered Internal, Tapered Plus, Single-Stage, Internal Implants and Laser-Lok 3.0.
Our commitment to science, innovation and service has aided us in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the dental industry. BioHorizons has helped restore smiles in 85 markets throughout Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.