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Marc Rondeau started NSDC in 1993. He has extensive experience in specialist crown & bridge restorations.
He decided the Northshore of Sydney needed a dental laboratory that could not only provide a very high technical standard but also a service orientated attitude that would provide both dentists and patients with full satisfaction in the finished restoration.
We provide a complete crown & bridge service to the profession, which includes;
  • Porcelain bonded to gold crown and bridge.
  • (EMPRESS) Metal free porcelain Jacket crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays and outlays.
  • (ESPE – SINFONY) Resin restorations which include full resin crowns, resin bonded to metal, resin veneers, inlays & outlays.
  • Implantology which includes single screw retained, single cementable crowns and multi-unit bridgework in all major systems.
  • We also have a vast experience with special attachment work in most major systems.

We are a "state of the art" dental laboratory that can provide a complete crown and bridge service that will save the dentist time, money, and provide the patient with total satisfaction.