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The Library email has been updated to knowledgecentre@adansw.com.au. Don't forget to check your junk folder and mark this email address as safe.

The ADA NSW Knowledge Centre is open for visitors 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
Knowledge Centre staff will be available to help you in person on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please call (02) 8436 9960 or email knowledgecentre@adansw.com.au for personalised assistance.

Click on the ADA NSW Knowledge Centre tile below to access our online resources.

The ADA NSW Knowledge Centre provides you with access to a comprehensive range of electronic and physical resources including books, journals, databases and online CPD items. You can search the ADA NSW Knowledge Centre catalogue yourself and/or request library staff assistance.

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ADA NSW Knowledge Centre
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Contact Us

P: (02) 8436 9960
E: knowledgecentre@adansw.com.au

Level 1, 1 Atchison Street

St Leonards NSW 2065

PO Box 132 St Leonards NSW 1590


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In addition to electronic and physical dental resources ADA NSW members continue to have access to a complete ADA NSW Knowledge Centre service including:

  • Helpful, professional and timely assistance from your Library staff
  • An extensive range of dentistry specific books and DVDs posted to you
  • Curated recent and relevant journal articles emailed to you
  • ADANSW focused information services.
  • E-books from Springer and Stat!Ref 
  • E-journals from Wiley, Elsevier and Springer
  • Database such as DOSS (Ebsco Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source) and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Search yourself:

Consult the ADA NSW Knowledge Centre catalogue to locate items in our curated collection of dental resources, from physical books and DVDs to recent/relevant journal articles, podcasts, webinars and internet resources.

Request Knowledge Centre staff assistance:

ADA NSW members will continue to have access to a complete Knowledge Centre service including assistance from professional Knowledge Centre staff.  Having trouble finding the information you need, or just not enough hours in the day? Send us a request to obtain professional Knowledge Centre staff assistance.

Focus On Guide:

The Focus On guides present a selection of recent, subject specific resources available via the ADA NSW library Service. Members can update their knowledge in a subject by choosing to read, watch or listen to targeted information presented in these guides.

National Digital Library:

The National Digital Library provides access to electronic resources only and is available via the ADA CPD Portal. Login here.