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Nominate your fellow members for ADA NSW Awards

ADA NSW Honours and Awards Guidelines

Applications for member recognition will close at the beginning of July each year. 

ADA NSW recognises the outstanding contributions made by its members to the profession, to oral health and to the community. ADA NSW also recognises the significant contributions made by non-dentists to the Branch and to the profession.

The Council has recognised these contributions by a system of awards to members of the Association and to persons, not members of the Association, who have given distinguished service to the Association.

The Council may seek advice and nominations from the members, or any committee established to consider nominations for the awards.

  1. Honorary Life Membership: The Association may on the recommendation of the Council at an Annual General Meeting elect as an Honorary Life Member of the Association any dentist, who is a financial member of the Association, and who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the dental profession, (in addition to any service to the Association) or to the art and science of dentistry.                     

  2. Honorary Membership: The Association may on the recommendation of the Council at an Annual General Meeting elect as an Honorary Member: Any person who has rendered distinguished service to the Association; and has advanced the interests of the profession; or is a person distinguished in dental or allied sciences and not a member of the profession. Honorary members will remain as honorary members until the next Annual General Meeting, when they will be eligible for re-election for a succeeding twelve months. Honorary members will not have voting rights in any of the business of the Association.

  3. Award of Merit (Established 1988): The Council may recommend to the Association to award the Award of Merit to a member who has: maintained twenty five years of continuous membership and; during that time has given distinguished service to the Association and, is not a sitting member of the Council or the Board, is not at the time of the award a full time employee of the Association; is not an Honorary Life Member or an Honorary Member of the Branch.

  4. Branch Service Medallion: The Council may recommend to the Association at an Annual General Meeting to award the Branch Service Medallion to any member of the ADANSW who has; made an outstanding contribution to the Association, or made a distinguished professional contribution to oral health, or made an outstanding contribution to the profession as a clinician, or an academic or an administrator.

  5. Recent Graduate Award: The Council may recommend to the Association that a dentist who has graduated with an original degree in dentistry within the previous 7 years to be awarded the Recent Graduate Award. The recent graduate award would be awarded to:

• Recent graduates who have fulfilled service to the Branch and the profession and have demonstrated leadership in Branch, academic or professional activities, including dental research. and leadership in activities involving dentistry and the community.
• A graduate in dentistry (original dental degree) of 7 years or less from the date of graduation
• A full member of ADA for at least 3 years at the date of nomination
• Registered to practise in Australia and be resident and practise in NSW, but not necessarily resident or practising in NSW for all that time.
• Not a member of the Council or Board of ADA NSW.
• Not awarded as a result of formal education (eg., a degree or fellowship)


Members of ADANSW can be nominated to an appropriate category of award.

A nomination for Honorary Membership need not be for a member of the Association.

All nominations are confidential and will be lodged with the CEO of ADANSW.

All nominations will be referred by the CEO to the Association’s Honours and Awards Committee for consideration.

The nomination to be by a proposer, and supported by two referees and including a current CV of the nominee and nominators.

The nominee should not be informed of the nomination.

The nominators must be members of the ADA of at least five years standing.

The award would be determined by the Honours and Awards Committee, based upon the references provided by the nominators and any other information that the Committee determines as relevant.

The Honours and Awards Committee will make recommendations to the Council, who may make the recommendation to the Association at an Annual General Meeting or any other meeting of the Association as determined by the Council.


• The nominations may be made annually in a method and time frame to be determined by Council
• Not necessarily awarded annually
• Maybe awarded to a maximum of two members in each category per year
• Award to be in the form of a certificate or medallion (as appropriate) presented at the President’s reception or otherwise as determined by the Council.

Further Information:

For further information please contact Amy Meredith on (02) 8436 9900 or email to: ea@adansw.com.au