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NSW Dentist Articles

Clinical Tips: Ectopic maxillary first molars

Ectopic eruption of first molars is fairly common and it can self-correct in many cases. However, extraction of the E (deciduous second molar) is almost never a good idea. Read now >

Effective Patient Communication: How to master the art of communication to improve oral health

Effective communication empowers a patient with the knowledge to make an informed decision about treatment. How you communicate your expertise and diagnosis is critical to ensuring the patient feels empowered to make the right decision. Read now >

Talk to patients about cardiovascular disease

Decades of good epidemiological data show that poor oral health is associated with cardiovascular disease, but until now, there has been some doubt about whether there is a causative role. Read now >


Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Dr Grossberg guides his viewers through a crown lengthening procedure involving teeth 15 to 25 in real time. Watch now >

Rubber Dam Use During Restrictions

Dr Steve Cohn revisits rapid and simplified rubber dam application techniques for potential restriction scenarios. Watch now >

Practising in COVID-19

Practising during COVID-19 requires safe systems of work. Join Kylie Robb as she discusses this topic with leading infection control practitioner, Professor Ramon Z. Shaban. Watch now >


Irrigation in Endodontics

The University of Sydney - School of Dentistry Faculty Research Day 2016 - Episode 3 Part 1 - A Critical Review into Prosthodontic Factors for Bone Loss Associated with Dental Implants

  • Duration: 0:09:54
  • Interviewer:
  • Interviewee/Lecturer: Dr Christopher Ho

Working with Dental Ceramists

  • Duration: 0:20:58
  • Interviewer: Dr Peter Norton
  • Interviewee/Lecturer: Dr Ben Lee, Carolyn Kyle