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SafeScript NSW and Canberra Script

Safescript NSW and Canberra Script are the Realtime Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) systems in NSW and the ACT. These systems provide information to health practitioners (prescribers) and pharmacists (dispensers) about a patient’s prescribing and dispensing history for certain high-risk medicines, known as Monitored Medicines, to improve clinical decision making and patient safety. 

Misuse and abuse of Monitored Medicines is an increasing public health concern that can be addressed by prescribers and dispensers having more information about the use of these drugs by their patients. In 2019, there were 1,644 unintentional deaths due to drug overdoses in Australia. 429 (26%) deaths were due to pharmaceutical opioids and 582 (35%) deaths involved benzodiazepines.

SafeScript NSW and Canberra Script are part of the health department’s commitment to reduce harm from Monitored Medicines and help save lives. 

The goals of RTPM are to:

  • Identify patients who are at risk of harm due to dependence or misuse of Monitored Medicines
  • Identify patients who may be diverting these medicines
  • Limit ‘prescription shopping’ — visiting several doctors for the same prescriptions of a Monitored Medicine
  • Provide state and territory regulators with data to detect prescribers who are not complying with regulations.

What should dentists do now?

  1. Register your details with the RTPM in your state, so you can start using it as soon as it becomes available in your area.
  2. Read the educational materials and watch the videos about RTPM in your state, so you are ready to make the most of this useful clinical tool.

To Register for RTPM visit:


To find out more about RTPM you can listen to an excellent podcast where Patrick Meaney interviews Geraldine Moses of PharmaAdvice.

If you require more assistance – contact Advisory Services:

advisory@adansw.com.au or
(02) 8436 9944