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ADA NSW File Transfer

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ADA NSW File Transfer Service is a safe, secure and completely free way to transfer large files around the Web.

This member service was created to address a classic problem: you need to send files to someone, or they need to send files to you. There's no way except email, however, the files you wish to send are too large and you've received a bounce back.

ADA NSW File Transfer Service to the rescue!

Key features of ADA NSW File Transfer Service includes:

  • Secure encryption & decryption of uploaded files, using a user-selected passphrase, to protect personal or restricted data

  • Checksums of uploaded files, to avoid disputes over exactly what content was delivered

  • Users are informed of the use and processing of their data, in line with GDPR requirements

  • Very simple to use, supports drag-and-drop selection of files to upload

  • Available in 10 different languages

  • 20GB per file upload limit

The ADA NSW File Transfer Service on screen instruction will guide you through the process. You can also find a download a copy of the quick start guide here, and a copy of the full instruction here.

ADA NSW File Transfer Service is implemented base on open source software Zendto written by Julian Field of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. 

ADA NSW File Transfer Services is provided as is. No additional support will be provided by ADA NSW.

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