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ADA NSW in the media: caring for tiny teeth

Toddler.jpgADA NSW featured in the news last week, sharing the message that it’s important to care for children’s primary teeth from the time they first appear.

ADA NSW President Sabrina Manickam and Division presidents Mark Morrin, Joe Giuttari, Derek Allan and Nick Jowitt were interviewed on radio and/or in print after ADA NSW issued a media release on July 11. The release highlighted the need to care for primary teeth from the start, and tied in with a new study from an ARCPOH researcher which found children who are breastfed for two years or more have a 2.4 times higher risk of severe cavities at age 5.

The story was picked up statewide, with coverage on ABC radio in Canberra, the Illawarra, the Central West and Western Plains, 2SM Supernetwork and 2NUR FM, as well as in The Saturday Telegraph and Newcastle Herald.

Download the media release
Read the Saturday Telegraph article
Read the Newcastle Herald article

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