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Bite Magazine piece featuring ADA NSW Practice Services Manager Kylie Robb discussing Infection Prevention Control

3 March 2021
Bite Magazine
Reporter: Frank Leggett

Infection control in dental practices
This Bite Magazine piece features ADA NSW Practice Services Manager Kylie Robb discussing the important issue of Infection Prevention Control.
While the global pandemic has brought infection control into the mainstream mindset, it has always been a basic tenet of dentistry.

Effective infection control is a duty of care that practitioners utilise to protect patients, staff and themselves from the transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
It is imperative that all dental practices implement and ensure compliance with infection control procedures and standards. Failure to do so can lead to serious health risks and disastrous reputational damage to the profession.
During the pandemic, many practices saw a reduction in appointments to manage coronavirus risks in a dental setting.

This response was not just around dentistry—it was a sector-wide public health response where state and territory governments had to make quick decisions. 
Read the full Bite Magazine article here >

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