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Roland Bryant Cup - 2024 Report


May 2024

The 2024 RB Cup competition between the dental students of Univ Sydney and Charles Sturt Univ, was held in early May. This was the 14th RB Cup competition (a name given to the Cup by the two students who inaugurated this competition at the end of 2009). Despite dire warnings all week by the weather bureau, the outdoor events proceeded without interference at playing fields in Homebush and the later indoor events were held as usual at the Noel Martin Sports and Aquatic centre at the Univ Syd campus.

The competition was “committed”, as always, and yet played with a very commendable sporting spirit. It’s at times a little daunting to see the way the competitors (especially men’s soccer, men’s basketball, women’s netball) throw themselves around.  As usual, a small number of injuries were sustained but, overall, all participants would be ready for work in the following week.

Due to the sponsorship kindly provided by ADA (Claire Schifter, Katherine Benn), Guild (Bettine Hartley), A-dec (Paul Riddel) and Avant Dental lab (Ian Feigen), the students were very well supported for newly designed coloured, labelled jerseys (USyd, Blue; CSU, Red), hiring of facilities and marquees, lunch, support of referees and umpires, and some with accommodation. The predicted bad weather “held off” for the two soccer events (for men, then for women) which CSU won 4-1 and 1-0, respectively.   

After lunch, activities moved indoors.  The close competition continued, Univ Syd won the men’s basketball after a tight game (61-53) and, in another close game, CSU won the women’s netball (23-19).    The 12-a-side dodgeball was won by CSU 2-0. The assembled “crowd” of competing and supporting students and a smattering of staff gave strong support to “their” respective teams. During the day, many excellent “action” photographs (a small selection shown here) were taken by Dr Rabeeh Bahrampourian (Hornsby Dental Care) and later conveyed to the presidents for distribution.

At the closing ceremony, the two student presidents --- Jack Awad (USyd) and Chris Pertudo (CSU) --- spoke briefly.  MVP awards were presented to Tony Huang (USyd) and Ossman Abuzukar (CSU); Dylan Day (Year 2, CSU) won the ADA-sponsored “lucky draw” prize for ADA student members and the RB Cup for 2024 was presented to CSU. All agreed it was a very good day.  All ADA members would be most welcome to attend at CSU in Orange in 2025 (usually early May).  Come and support future members of our profession --- and enjoy Orange and surrounds in Autumn!

- Report prepared by Professor Roland Bryant (May, 2024)

Legends for photos:

1.   Representatives of (from left) Guild (Bettine Hartley), ADA NSW (Katherine Benn), Avant Dental Lab (Ian Feigen), Roland Bryant, A-dec (Paul Riddel)
2.   All the participants (and some referees/umpires, representatives)
3.   Mens basketball participants
4.   Womens Soccer
5.   Mens Soccer
6.   Womens Netball

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