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The Basics of Clinical Photography
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An introductory course for beginners

Clinical photography is not just about beautiful white teeth or cosmetic artistry but should encompass the whole spectrum of dental care from damage and disease through treatment to review and monitoring. Clinical photography should provide consistent quality digital images of every part of the mouth and face, teeth and soft tissues ranging from the head to a tooth.

With today’s digital technology every dentist can chronicle photographically what they see in the mouth, whether for records, communication, education – in fact whenever the clinical situation warrants photographic documentation.

The closest thing to what we see through our loupes is a photograph and this can actually reflect the reality of the mouth at a particular point in time and at critical stages of planning and treatment. X-rays do not show failing restorations, crack lines and wear patterns; notes cannot always clearly indicate the sequence of events in a clinical session; study models poorly represent the restored nature of teeth and the health of soft tissues.

The routine use of digital clinical  photography augments charting, notes and x-rays. As an element in best practice, it significantly enhances record-taking, validates clinical decisions and provide an impressive tool for patient education and practice marketing. People easily process and comprehend visual information and this course will show that instant quality images visible on a monitor can dramatically improve patient understanding and acceptance of treatment recommendations.

Attendees will see reviews of all types of cameras and the armamentarium and accessories required to take extra and intra-oral pictures with recommendations and guides to purchase. This course will be an invaluable experience for general dentists and specialists and will be a useful guide to better general photography.

Topics include

  • Photographs as part of records, communication and risk management in everyday dental practice
  • Images for patient education… ‘I want you to see what I see’
  • The essence of exposure, aperture and ISO in digital photography and overcoming the difficulties of hand-held macro photography in oral environment
  • All the information on recommended systems (DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses and flash) as well as retractors, mirrors etc
  • The proper technique and settings for taking intra-oral and extra-oral images
  • Positioning the patient and photographer properly
  • An efficient team to seamlessly incorporate photography into the daily work flow
  • Better patient acceptance of treatment using photography and descriptive statements

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the scope of clinical photography in dentistry for record taking, risk management and communication
  • Using modern digital camera technology that is straightforward and cost-effective
  • Learn how to consistently take outstanding intra-oral and extra-oral images
  • Clinical Photography as an integral part of best dental practice
  • Save, store, archive and display images – simplifying work flow and data asset management

Listen to Dr Peter Sheridan in the lead up to the course


Other Information

Attendees to this course receive a copy of Dr Peter Sheridan's book "Clinical Photography in Dentistry"


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The Basics of Clinical Photography

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