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Careers in dentistry

Want to find out more about careers in dentistry? Click the links below for a full description of each job title, career paths and the requirements necessary for each profession.

A dentist is a registered primary healthcare professional who is highly educated and specialised in the care of the teeth and their supporting structures including the orofacial region.
Dental Assistant
Dental assistants, also known as dental nurses or dental chairside assistants, are important members of the dental health care team.
Dental Hygienist
A dental hygienist is a registered primary healthcare professional who provides highly skilled preventive services on all age groups without cutting or removing teeth.
Dental Therapist
Dental therapists examine and treat diseases of the teeth in pre-school,primary and secondary school children, under the general supervision of a dentist.
Dental Technician
Dental technicians construct and repair dentures (false teeth) and other dental appliances including crowns and bridges.
Dental Prosthetist
Dental Prosthetists originally train as dental technician. They provide complete and partial dentures and mouthguards to the public, consulting directly with clients about their dental prosthetic needs.

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