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Online CPD

We hope you enjoy this series of CPD podcasts, articles and videos that count towards your mandatory CPD requirements. There are hours of valuable CPD topics to complete from the comfort of your home or office.

To log your CPD, you must keep a record that you could provide to the Dental Board if requested. You can download a log document here

Please visit this CPD Portal regularly as we are continually adding new content.


30mins free CPD: COVID-19 risk in a dental setting

Listen to the latest addition to our free online CPD portal - Expert infection control practitioner, Professor Ramon Z. Shaban, discusses facts about COVID-19 risk in a dental setting with ADA NSW’s Kylie Robb.
In an exclusive joint initiative between ADA NSW and The University of Sydney – ADA NSW’s Kylie Robb interviews leading internationally credentialed expert infection control practitioner, Professor Ramon Z. Shaban discusses with ADA NSW’s Kylie Robb: 

  • What a safe infection prevention and control work system could look like to manage COVID risk,
  • What would have to go wrong for an outbreak to occur in a dental setting; and
  • When a COVID-19 patient would be the most infectious during their phase of illness and much more. 

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