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Advisory Services

The Advisory Services team consists of experienced dental practitioners (Peer Advisors) who provide on-call, dentist-to-dentist support to members. Using an extensive range of subject matter expertise, Peer Advisors assist members with clinical advice, navigating patient complaints, dento-legal matters and more.

Information on our services and resources compiled by our team are available below including quick reference videos and information sheets.

Peer Advisors
On-call dentist-to-dentist support for members on a broad range of clinical subjects. 
Advisory Videos
Short videos advising key topics of interest to members: PI, patient complaints, PHI audits, refunds, new grad guides and more.
Information Sheets
Advisory Services has compiled a wide range of member advice across a broad range of topics referred to as Information Sheets.
Dental Records Information Kit
These resources are for practitioners who are interested in evaluating and/or improving their record keeping practices.
Guild Insurance
The ADA NSW Guild Insurance partnership, coverage and benefit details.
Occupational Health & Safety
Key Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) resources and contacts.
Human Resources
Access the national ADA HR Advisory Service for human resources support.

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Advisory Services
P: (02) 8436 9944
E: advisory@adansw.com.au

Advisory Content

  • Dental Records Information Kit
  • Advisory Videos
  • Guild Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Sheets
  • OHS
  • Peer Advisors