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Women's Study Group - Wellness Retreat
Let the stress and pressure of everyday life wash away as you indulge your body and soul in a specially designed weekend retreat.   Enjoy four guided sessions over two days, including yoga classes, wellness and positive mindset talks, positive, affirmations and goal setting meditations.   This retreat is focused on YOU, with time to Release, Rejuvenate and Restore. The classes have been designed to inspire you to embrace yoga and live a healthier life. You are invited to experience the wellbeing talks, yoga asanas (poses), and meditation in a retreat environment to help you restore balance and increase your vitality.   The retreat begins on Saturday 24 July in the hotel lobby with a meet-and-greet at 10:30 am. The weekend is structured over four sessions ending approximately at 1:00 pm on Sunday 25th July. Three of the sessions will run for 75 minutes and include a wellbeing talk and yoga class, as well as breath-work and meditation. The final session will run for 45 minutes and will be an affirmation setting session (no yoga). You can view the full retreat program here .   For hygiene reasons, please bring your own mat and light blanket (for the meditations); however, we will have blocks if required. Social distancing formats will apply. Registration fee includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and two-course dinner Saturday as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday.    Time to release those daily tensions and return to your busy life feeling amazing!   Heidi is very excited to offer this retreat, and we are looking forward to meeting you all and sharing this weekend with you. Discounted accommodation rates are available with mention of ADA NSW: Studio Guestroom : $169.00 per night One Bedroom Villa : $189.00 per night Two Bedroom Villa : $299.00 per night Call Magenta Shores Resort on (02) 4352 8133 .   ...

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Western Division Meeting
5.5 CPD Hours | Red Flags in General Dental Practice Presented by Associate Professor Mark Schifter This Western Division meeting will discuss the six 'red flags' all dental practitioners need to be aware of when practisin g. Certain patients can be a “red flag” specifically their medical status or their particular presenting problem and it requires all of your attention to ensure you provide safe dental care or recognise and act promptly with regards to their presenting condition. This course will consider what to look for and how to effectively handle each unique case. Topics covered throughout the day include: • Red Flag One: Patient Evaluation and Assessment A review of the when, why, and how of the patient’s medical history and considerations in treatment planning for the aged, frail and medically-complex patient.    • Red Flag Two:  No treatment without a diagnosis Considerations in the evaluation and diagnosis of the patient with oro-facial pain.   • Red Flag Three:  Antibiotics - Use and Abuse Pharmacology, indications, contraindications, antibiotic and surgical prophylaxis and antimicrobial stewardship.    • Red Flag Four: Hold the Forceps!  Relative and absolute contraindications to extractions    • Red Flag Five:  The Patient with Cancer Oral/dental complications, manifestations and considerations of the patient with cancer and its treatment with  radiotherapy, chemotherapy &/or anti-resorptive agents.    • Red Flag Six.  Oral Cancer and Potentially Malignant Oral Disorders A primer for the general dental practitioner....